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me: wait.

her: what?

me: nothing,... just that. 


i miss my glasses.

A few years ago I got lasik done. 

Apart from the odd feeling you get when you smell a part of yourself cooking under the laser,...It's brilliant, I wouldn't and couldn't go back.

But I do miss taking my glasses off,...

And just sitting in the blur.

It was soft and warm and comforting,...that familiar blanket you could crawl into to hide from the world.

It's too easy to get wrapped up in the world of the sensibly baked and oh so properly done.

It's hard overriding the natural inclination to see faults first and to run for the safe shelter that is proper. 

Would I prefer to have nailed focus that time?

Yes, most certainly,...

And that would have been a mistake. 

Or maybe this is all just me over reacting to having seen my face on a 4K screen. 

I'm still having nightmares.

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