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Interviewed by Tom of

Tom over at took a look inside the incoherent mess that is my head:

Photographers You Should Know #1: Shuji Moriwaki; Portraits

Tom,... he looked,.. he really looked at my work,... perhaps a bit than I look at my own.

And he came with some heavy questions,.. asking about things I had never really thought that much about before. 

Because you don't really.

But it make's you think,... 

and you go back over your own work,...

and you need that. 

but then you need to stop,...

accept it as part of you,..

put it to bed,..

and move on,..

maybe you'll change now that you're aware,...

maybe not,..

maybe it'll grow into something else,...

maybe not,...

gotta love this arty farty stuff :)

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