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self portrait

this was the second time I’ve seen this guy,… only this time was different.

this time a photo had to be taken.

widelux 08 2018 00523.jpg

a couple of years of reading this sign everyday can do that to you.

good news is that there used to be a billion of these signs before,…..

they’ve been getting less,… and there’s been a bit more light at the end of the tunnel than before.

widelux 08 2019 00525.jpg

but things are still kind of like this,…. not complaining though, …. it used to be much worse.

widelux 08 2019 00528.jpg

dont get me wrong, the swings are still in this sorry state,….

and the grass could do with a trim.

widelux 08 2019 00532.jpg

recently though, I’ve been feeling like whoever owns this car,…


widelux 08 2019 00540.jpg

prepared enough that if it did all go tits up, and I did get swallowed by a hippo, it’d be with a widelux in hand and a smile on my face.