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old friends

Hello again anamorphic loveliness,... it's been a while, I hope you've been well.

once in a while film gets in the way. 

and old friends need to come out to play.

I didnt mean for that to rhyme.

nor this nor the following line.

ok i'll stop now.

for all the loveliness of the analog process, sometimes it just cant keep up. Or perhaps i'm getting too old and my fingers are getting too slow.

and if the pictures weren't the point of it all,... then surely the medium doesnt matter.

or atleast, for now it doesnt. for her it doesnt.  

film doesnt mean anything if you miss the moment.

sharpness doesnt mean anything if the picture doesnt exist.

I could say that Rabbit  moves too fast for me. but the truth would be that I dont think of taking pictures anymore,... even film takes me out of the "now" . 

I've missed a thousand moments i would kill to see again since she came back. 

But I can handle regretting not getting those moments,.... being present is worth terabytes upon terabytes more. 

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