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me: but i shoot close up.

other me: 1m-ish at f11.

me: f11?! but i shoot in very bad light most of the time. what about at f2.8?

other me: 2m onwards for focus at 2.8

me: that's just stupid.

other me: i know. diopters work though, you should get some made.

me: and 3 shutter speeds?

other me: yup

me: what if i need others?

other me: tough shit.

me: so for close focus it's f11, at 1/15,... so natura 1600 pretty much,...

other me: pretty much.

me: i would have to be pretty stupid to shoot this.

other me: yes. but you will, and you will love it,... you're a masochist. 

other me is an asshole. 

but the bastard is right,... dammit. 

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