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the kink

the kink, the break, the stop on the way somewhere.

it’s that little invisible space that no one pays attention to.

we all tend to focus on the drama of the start, the getting there and the finally actually getting to the actual there.

not so much the stops on the way,…

the number ones and number twos in random toilets with cleaning rotas that themselves could do with a good clean.

the invisible spots on the map that you don’t care about until your body tells you to.

no one remembers these places, and indeed, why should they?

but destinations,…

and starting points,…

they change, they flux, morphing into one another,…. whatever importance given to one is then taken and blown up and passed along to another. they become small points.

but the kinks,….

the little pauses that seem inconsequential in the grand scheme of things,….

we may just pause and pass through,…

we may bounce and head back,…

life is lived here, they don’t change, and we will always come back to them.

Shuji MoriwakiComment