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from way over there

buttery: shuji, i miss you!

me: On stormy nights I'm pretty sure I can hear you belching from way over there,...cant just be the thunder.

buttery: it's definitely me!


Hard to believe that it's been about a year since I last heard her epic belch. A lot has happened, and some things have changed,...

A lot hasn't happened,... and much hasn't changed too. 

The banter is still what I miss the most,... there are few things better than doing nothing but getting lost in words. The best is when you don't remember what it was you guys talked about,...

But you remember looking over and watching her laugh,... and you remember how it felt watching her slowly come out of the dark.

Show your scars, lay your hands on the table palms up, put your still beating heart on the table,...

And they will too. 

The risks,... they pale in comparison to what could be.