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new eyes and the red pill

I haven’t taken many pictures since my last post. I tell myself that I’m busy and that a break is good. The truth of the matter however is that I have mostly lost interest in photographing anything.

I used to enjoy meeting new people and hearing their stories and taking their pictures,…

Not so much anymore.

Whatever gaping hole inside that that used to fill has been filled.

The need to record and then maybe share,… that’s gone.

That beautiful sunset framing a friend tripping and falling down a hill,…

You don’t photograph that shit,….

You enjoy their pain with a wholehearted pissing of your pants laughing…. then you go check if they’re ok.

Trying to get a shot of it just gets in the way of your schadenfreude.

But then someone gives you the red pill,…

And suddenly it all comes back.

But this time you’re out there, out in the chaos that you never liked,…. your safe warm cocoon a good 4 hour plane ride away….

And it’s no longer about deep controllable conversations in a controlled environment of your own choosing.

It becomes about breathing in deeply that polluted pee stained exhaust air of the city,… being ok with not knowing where you are because the light is just so damn nice,…. looking strangers in the eye, smiling, clicking the shutter, saying thank you and walking on.

I’ve been here before,… it’s where it all started.

But this time, with new old swing lens pano eyes.

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