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Fujifilm Super Prodol Developing Times

I have a small notebook here somewhere,...

it has developing times written down for the films I use and have used.

a notebook is great to have.

cos it keeps notes.

the problem is that I wind up loosing the notebook in the dark abyss that is my camera stuffs closet. 

you know a system doesnt work when you need a system to remember where you put the system. 

so it will be here. 

I know where to find it online.

it'll be safe,... until I forget my name. 

hopefully film will die out before I get Alzheimer's. :P

Fuji film's Super Prodol has little written about it online,... atleast in English. The times below are what I've found and tested to be OK for me. This will be updated as I go. YMMV.

Fujifilm Super Prodol, mixed as per the instructions on the bag:

Ilford HP5 - 120 - ISO 400 @ ISO 400 - @20C - 9 mins 35 secs 

Ilford Delta 400 - 120 - ISO 400 @ ISO 400 - @20C - 9 mins 35 secs

Kentmere 400 - 35mm - ISO 400  - @20C - 9 mins 30 secs

Kentmere 400 - 35mm - ISO 400  @1600 - @20C - 9 mins 30 secs x 1.85 (compensating developer multiplier)

Fuji Film Medical X-ray Film 100NIF - cut 4x5 - ISO 100-200 - @ISO 100-200 - tray developed under red light, 6-10 minutes depending on temperature.