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An and the camouflage cheesecake


This is An.

We ate camouflage cheesecake,...

not a cheesecake that was camouflaged,... that would be horrid,... knowing that there is cheesecake but not being able to find it.

no,... it's what you get when you make a cheesecake with chocolate and macha (green tea).

I dont remember everything we talked about,... my memory gets worse when banter is in Japanese,... but we share a mutual love of cheesecake and desserts in general. 

We walked, we talked, we ate,... it's been a while since I've shot like that. I've been distracted by work and video and volunteering so far this summer...

But you need the busy,..

It reminds you of what you really love,... and how you really love to do it.

But oh do I get distracted,...

I forget that I'm not 21 with all the time in the world to explore and experiment to my heart's content.

No,... I'm almost 40 and I'm running out of time,.... well maybe not time but rather energy,...

It would be too easy to just go with the flow,... mostly because I am on a pretty comfortable raft heading down a rather tepid slow winding river. 

There is nothing to complain about,... and that is what I'm complaining about. 

I dont want to stay on this raft because I know exactly where it goes,... and it's not pretty but it's also not horrible,... it's pretty beige actually,... and that is what frightens me.

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